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Which software could work? Blender might!

If you want to use open Source software please use their websites, 
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Take your time and search carefully   make sure that if  
you pay, that   it's not available for free or it is the genuine article.

This site has been updated on the 8/03/2012

Unfortunately this site is being built online, so I hope you come back regularly while it is being built  
You may find that some Open Source Projects advance quickly and the information may be out of date.
I am still going to leave it online and add more. As of now Blender ie: is at 2.69

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Welcome to Blendamites

Hi. My name is Peter Grayson and I've been a hobby Blender enthusiast since version 2.25. I am based in Aspley Brisbane Australia.  And I would like to offer a selection of short easy tutorials for brand new beginners in many aspects of Blender, as well as other open source projects, more as I become accustomed to other programs. 

These tutorials will be short and cover each subject possibly in sections to give the newbie a chance to practice what they have learned. A directory for Blender was one of the biggest parts of this bunch of tutorials that I'm setting up, a very long term project.

I am not a professional in the 3D industry, just a guy who loves 3D and the chance Open Source is giving people to enter an amazing world. There are many, many, many tutorials on the web and in books. I will try to offer something in the tutorials that is different and a little outside of the square. 

The tutorials will focus on a variety of Open Source Software. Please don't hesitate to support the Blender Foundation, Gimp, Inkscape or any of the other amazing Open Source Projects and visit their websites and forums. 

Any-one interested in helping in my project,  please contact me at

Links to tutorials on other websites will not represent the opinion of the authors of this website and the quality of their work cannot be guaranteed.


Please be patient as these tutorials are still being uploaded.

Oh weeeelllll!!! At the moment Blender directory is partially up as well as five Inkscape tutorials and four Gimp tutorials. The last Inkscape tutorial has started to be placed and will be a long process. Introducing perspective drawing to teach the basics to help with creating rough drawings as a base for your illustrations. I placed a site-map up, although some are to have various things added.  Later a voice over to help you follow the tutes and text plus PDF files plus online help art files for tutorials will also be placed once everything is running properly.

Clicking on the names in the image above will open up a new

HTML  or  FLASH window.
I am setting up HTML pages but keeping the flash ones that are up.
Please refer to the site map to find out which pages are finished
 are now.
Thank-you for your patience.

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